The Hilotherapy treatment has a wide range of applications but central to all of them is the goal of a natural, faster return to full health. Hilotherapy is based on the belief that recovery is the very foundation of wellness and a fulfilling life. And so – driven by meaningful innovation, a desire to share our expertise and a supportive, caring touch – we are dedicated to providing patients around the world with an ability to recover from injury and surgery. Using precise temperature controlled treatment on the specific area reduces pain & swelling and allows the body to heal faster whilst reducing the need for increased analgesia. Clinic devices are ideally suited to hospitals, clinics and medical professionals. The smaller Homecare device is portable making it ideal for use by individuals at home or on the move. Please contact us to discuss how Hilotherapy may be beneficial to you. 

Hilotherm cuff and homecare system

What is Hilotherapy?

Hilotherapy is a precise temperature controlled treatment that reduces pain, swelling and bruising following surgery or injury. It is also highly effective in the treatment of persistent joint problems including many types of arthritis.

For centuries ice has been used to aid recovery following injury. By using precise temperature control, Hilotherapy can take the healing properties of cooling to a new level.

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